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  • About Our Committees

    MAFP Committees are appointed by the President with the advice and concurrence of the Board of Directors. Member involvement is important to the strategic direction of the MAFP. The charge and activities of each committee provide leadership and direction on a variety of MAFP initiatives. Become part of our invigorating efforts to advance the specialty of family medicine, strengthen the health care workforce and enhance your ability to provide high quality, cost-effective patient care to your communities.
  • What is expected of MAFP volunteers?

    Committee members are expected to be actively involved i n committee projects and activities. Most committees meet 1 or 2 times per year. Committee terms are for one year.
  • How do I get involved?

    If you are interested in participating in a MAFP committee, please indicate your interest here. The standing committees are listed below.
  • Advocacy Committee

    PURPOSE: To serve as the unified voice of family physicians in Mississippi. FUNCTIONS: (1) to increase visibility of Family Physicians, (2) Engage the public in promoting importance of family medicine, (3) Advise Political Action Committee, (4) Serve as Legislative Bank on medical issues, (5) Create legislative agenda, (6) Advocate for Health Care System Reform, (7) Promote the Patient-Centered Medical Home, (8) Advocate for liability reform, (9) Be informed of new policies of issue from the Board of Medical Licensure.
  • Academy Committee

    PURPOSE: Maintaining a dynamic association through an engaged membership, leadership and sufficient resources. FUNCTIONS: (1) Recruit and retain members, (2) Review member benefits and services, (3) Website and technology enhancement for membership, (4) Build relationship with Family Medicine Interest Groups; (5) Maintain office building functions, (6) Review the functions of MAFP Committees, (7) Leadership Track for MAFP members (work with Professional Development Committee), (8) Review financial stability of Academy.
  • Workforce Committee

    PURPOSE: Expanding the family physician workforce to meet patient and community needs. FUNCTIONS: (1) To promote MAFP information and events to residency programs, (2) To promote family medicine specialty, (3) to promote rural scholars program, (4) Work with Office of Physician Workforce to develop family medicine residencies, (5) Promote better payment models for physicians, (6) Review preceptor relationships.
  • Professional Development Committee

    PURPOSE: Providing education through a variety of delivery mechanisms. FUNCTIONS: (1) To plan and conduct the scientific program at the Annual Scientific Assembly, MAFP Spring and Fall conferences, (2) To develop leadership track of Academy members, (3) Assist members with Maintenance of Certification, (4) Develop Member Networks, (5) Develop and provide new continuing medical education for the benefit of the members of the Academy and of the profession at large, (6) Assist in recruiting exhibits, sponsors, partners for CME.
  • Public Awareness Committee

    PURPOSE: Improving public awarenes of the roles and positions of family physicians in Mississippi. FUNCTIONS: (1) To maintain communications with members through MAFP Journal, e-newsletter, social media, (2) To provide written articles to the media on family physicians in the community at least three times a year, (3) MAFP website enhancement, (4) Share Patient Education Resources to public, (5) Look for community opportunities for MAFP members, i.e. School health councils, civic organizations, etc., (6) Promote MAFP strategic direction
  • (You may select more than one.)
  • MAFP will utilize text messaging as well as e-mail to contact committee members.
  • Committee Selection

    We will keep your name on file for the 2018 committee selection. We appreciate your commitment to the MAFP. For further questions, please contact Claire Rome (claire@msafp.org) or call the office at (601) 853-3302.
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