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Alongside MAFP member physicians, medical students get hands-on instruction at MAFP’s procedural workshops, held at MAFP Spring Fling.

Explore family medicine with a free membership to MAFP/AAFP and find your peers and resources you can use in medical school.

Why Choose Family Medicine?
Form your future with the specialty that lets you be you. Being a family physician allows you to focus on the whole patient.   It is a “customizable” specialty allowing a broad scope of practice ranging from urban settings, rural settings or academic family medicine. Family medicine is centered on the personal relationship with patients sometimes treating the entire family. Some of what the specialty includes: health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in a variety of health care settings. Generally, more patients are seen by family doctors than any other specialty.

The MAFP offers several opportunities throughout the year for medical students to network with our physician members and residents. We encourage you to utilize this time to gather information regarding Family Medicine that you may not always find in the classroom. It is important to build a strong foundation within the medical community and the MAFP provides the setting to foster these relationships.

Opportunities for Students

FutureDOX – MAFP’s Quarterly Newsletter for Students & Residents
September 2017 Issue
May 2017 Issue
March 2017 Issue

MAFP and MAFPF Board of Directors
The MAFP and MAFP Foundation both provide opportunities for the future leaders of family medicine to enhance their education, make connections and gain “real world” experience. Both organizations seek dynamic medical students (4) and residents (4) to serve a 1-year term on the Board of Directors for each organization. Interested students and residents should complete a Board of Directors Application 2018 (PDF) and review Campaign Rule Information 2018 (PDF). The Board of Directors Application and additional required documents must be received at MAFP at a predetermined deadline in the Spring. Elections for these board members takes place at the Spring Fling Conference.

MAFP Spring Fling for Students and Residents
The Future in Family Medicine Spring Fling is held each April specifically for medical students and residents.  The conference features procedures, practice topics, panel discussion and the opportunity to network with practicing Mississippi family physicians. You can get an idea of a typical schedule by looking at our 2017 Spring Fling Agenda. To enable more students and residents to attend, we are changing from a 2-day to a 1-day event on April 21, 2018.

Rural Opportunities for Mississippi Physicians (ROMP)
ROMP – the Rural Opportunities for Mississippi Physicians career fair – is held in connection with the MAFP Spring Fling each April. ROMP helps residents and students discover opportunities for all specialties in dozens of Mississippi’s rural communities. You’ll have the opportunity to network with potential future employers and colleagues, and learn about special incentives such as loan forgiveness and repayment options. More information on the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce website.

Academy Ambassador Opportunity for Students
Are you a medical student interested in attending the MAFP Annual Scientific Assembly? Each year MAFP seeks medical students interested in Family Medicine who can join MAFP to help with registration, events, exhibits and more at its annual meeting. In exchange for this help, the student’s rooming and meals are provided by MAFP. Each interested student must complete an application. 2018 Academy Ambassador Application

National Conference for Family Medicine Residents + Medical Students
national.conference.residents.studentsEach year, the AAFP hosts a National Conference for Residents and Medical Students to learn more about family medicine, explore residency programs, and connect with potential employers. The event features workshops, musculoskeletal clinics, procedural skills courses, and sessions about applying to residency. The 2017 conference is July 27-29 in Kansas City, Mo.

Tar Wars
Medical students at both the University of Mississippi Medical Center and William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine teach the Tar Wars program to a 4th or 5th grade class. In addition, family physicians, school teachers, school counselors, nursing students and others teach the program each year.

Financial Planning
The American Academy of Family Physicians offers an online debt management resource to help you develop a plan to finance medical school, identify specific strategies for covering those costs, and creating an annual budget timeline for reassessing those costs. This information will provide you with practical tools to better understand the issues and sources of aid as you apply to medical school.

Resources for Students

Lifestyle & Income for Family Medicine Physicians

Practice Options in Family Medicine

Family Medicine Model of Care