Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians


Legislative Report 2017

The 2017 Mississippi Legislative Session adjourned “Sine Die” March 29; however, the Governor has called members back on June 5 to complete the budget work for two state agencies.

During this year’s legislative session, the MAFP monitored approximately 200 bills. The following are just a few highlights of this session:
– We worked to defeat 6 bills that would have weakened the state’s current vaccine laws

– Multiple bills were introduced that would have expanded the scope of practice, and all of those bills were defeated.


Waiting Room Pieces:

Immunization – Keep Vaccines Strong

Bare Bones, Dept. of Health

– We successfully defeated a bill that would have consolidated the Mississippi Department of Health, the Mississippi Department of Rehab Services, and the Mississippi Department of Mental Health.

– The MAFP in conjunction with the Office of Mississippi Physician Workforce worked to expand the scope of the office with the hopes of securing additional funding in the future.

bare.bones.graphic– The Medicaid and Human Services Transparency and Fraud Prevention Act is an attempt to get rid of government assistance program fraud by both recipients and providers.

– The Doctor of the Day law was amended to exclude medical residents from liability while volunteering as the Legislature’s Doctor of the Day.

– We were able to secure continued funding for the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarships and the Office of Physician Workforce; we also worked with the Legislature on the funding of the Mississippi Department of Health.

So what happens next? We will continue to watch for further agency cuts during the current fiscal year and meet with House and Senate members throughout the year to continue to maintain our working relationships with them. One significant post-session issue we will be watching is the awarding of Mississippi Managed Care RFP. As many of our doctors are Medicaid providers and deal with MississippiCAN daily, our hope is that Medicaid will review all applications and select companies that will make physicians part of the solution with the state’s managed care network. The Executive Review and Award is expected to take place in June 2017.