Lunch & Learn

MAFP offers free Lunch and Learn sessions at clinic locations to teach physicians and their staff about tobacco cessation for patients. We are in need of three more physicians to sign their clinics up for the sessions.
MAFP staff member Jewell Buckley, who conducts the sessions, furnishes lunch for you and your staff and provides all materials. There is no cost to you — all you do is attend. Physicians and nurse practitioners at the session receive CME credits — 1 hour by attending and 2 additional hours from t2p.
These sessions are part of MAFP’s partnership with the MS State Department of Health Office of Tobacco Control. In order to fulfill the conditions for the grant we receive each year, we must schedule a total of 5 Lunch and Learn sessions. We need 2 more clinics for the 2018-19 fiscal year. Will you help us by signing up? Lunch and Learn training sessions must be held before June 30, 2019. Contact Jewell Buckley to schedule.


The objectives of the Lunch and Learn sessions are:
  1. To educate physicians on how to counsel and educate patients on quitting tobacco through 2 A’s and R (Ask, Act and Refer) and motivational interviewing.
  2. To educate physicians on how to make quality patient referrals to the Mississippi Quitline using fax, online, or electronic referral system.
  3. To educate physicians on when and  how to prescribe tobacco cessation medication and/or nicotine replacement therapy for qualified patients.