State Legislative Priorities

As the 2024 Legislative Session in underway, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves called for a special session within the regular session to advance economic development in the state.

The Mississippi Legislature approved a new development project in north Mississippi on Thursday, January 18. Located in Marshall County, the nearly $2 billion development will produce and transport electric batteries intended to power commercial vehicles. The project will provide over 2,000 jobs with an average salary of $66,000.

With chairs being named, several committees have begun holding their first meetings of the year. Over 400 bills have already been referred to various committees. While the first deadline day for committee action is not until March 5, Speaker of the House Jason White said a bill initiative could see some action beginning next week.

The MAFP Advocacy Committee along with our lobbyist, Hope Ladner, is gearing up for Legislative Season 2024.

View the 2024 Legislative Report Here.

Work from Prior Issues:

Scope of Practice

Keeping Mississippi’s Vaccine Laws Strong

Keep Medicaid Reimbursements the Same

Tobacco Tax