Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians


70 for 70 Club

To become part of the ’70 for 70′ Club, these individuals have donated $70 to the MAFP Foundation in purchasing an ‘Images of Mississippi Medicine’ book:
Dr. Lakeisha Chism
Dr. Cierra Green
Dr. James Griffin
Dr. Lindsey McCormick
Glenda Sharpe
Dr. Robert Smith
Wahnee Sherman
Dr. Bradley Suggs

To become part of the ’70 for 70’ Club, these MAFP members have donated $70 to honor one or more of the Academy’s past presidents. The donors are listed below beside the past president’s name. To donate, visit our Donations page.

Seiberth S. Kety, MD, 1949-50 – Dr. Brent Smith
John B. Howell, MD, 1950-51 – Dr. Brent Smith
S. K. Johnson, MD, 1951-52 – Dr. Brent Smith
Gus A. Rush, Jr., MD, 1952-53
Charles P. Crenshaw, MD, 1953-54
W. Moncure Dabney, MD, 1954-55
William E. Lotterhos, MD, 1955-56
Aubrey V. Beacham, MD, 1956-57
John C. Longest, MD, 1957-58 – Dr. Bruce Longest
Addison T. Tatum, MD, 1958-59
Robert J. Morehead, MD, 1959-60
Tom H. Mitchell, MD, 1960-61
Guy T. Vise, MD, 1961-62
J. Roy Bane, MD, 1962-63
Lawrence H. Brisco, MD, 1963-64
Frank C. Massengill, MD, 1964-65
Max L. Pharr, MD, 1965-66
Eldon L. Bolton, MD, 1966-67
Joseph E. Johnston, MD, 1967-68 – Dr. and Mrs. Word Johnston
Charles R. Jenkins, MD, 1968-69
Walter W. Crawford, MD, 1969-70
William H. Parker, MD, 1970-71
James O. Stephens, MD, 1971-72
Eugene F. Webb, MD, 1972-73 – Dr. Walter Rose
William Bernard Hunt, MD, 1973-74
Thomas J. Anderson, MD, 1974-75
Richard T. Furr, MD, 1975-76
Walter H. Rose, MD, 1976-77 – Dr. David Wheat, The Rose Family
Ralph L. Brock, MD, 1977-78
John M. Estess, MD, 1978-79 – Dr. Bill Jackson
Edgar D. Johnson, MD, 1979-80
J. Edward Hill, MD, 1980-81 – The Hill Family; Sarah Barowka, MD, Dr. Bill Jackson
Ben E. Kitchens, MD, 1981-82
Louis E. Rubenstein, MD, 1982-83
Hardy B. Woodbridge, MD, 1983-84
James C. Waites, MD, 1984-85
Eugene G. Wood, MD, 1985-86 –  Dr. Walter Rose
Leonard H. Brandon, MD, 1986-87 – Dr. Steven Brandon
Walter D. Gunn, MD, 1987-88
Malcolm S. Moore, Sr., MD, 1988-89 – The Moore Family, Dr. Nell C. Moore
George R. Bush, MD, 1989-90
James R. Stingily, MD, 1990-91
D. Stanley Hartness, MD, 1991-92 – Dr. Carlos Latorre, The Hartness Family
John F. Hassell, MD, 1992-93
Frank W. Bowen, MD, 1993-94
Joe D. Herrington, MD, 1994-95
Edward E. Bryant, MD, 1995-96 – The Browning Family
Judith G. Gearhart, MD, 1996-97 – Dr. Walter Rose, Dr. Albert Gore
George E. Abraham, MD, 1997-98 – Dr. Carlos Latorre
Word M. Johnston, MD, 1998-99 – Dr. Joseph E. Johnston
Dwalia S. South, MD, 1999-00
R. Lee Giffin, MD, 2000-01 – Dr. Bill Grantham, Dr. Carlos Latorre, Dr. Jerry Turner
Timothy J. Alford, MD, 2001-02 – Dr. Ed Hill, The Alford Family
William G. Jackson, MD, 2002-03
Mary Gayle Armstrong, MD, 2003-04 – Dr. Carlos Latorre
Randy Easterling, MD, 2004-05 – Easterling Family, Dr. Carlos Latorre, Dr. Bruce Longest
Lucius M. Lampton, MD, 2005-06 – Dr. Carlos Latorre
Charles F. Brock, MD, 2006-07
Steven C. Brandon, MD, 2007-08 – Dr. Emily Landrum
Dewitt G. Crawford, MD, 2008-09 – Dr. Susan Chiarito, The Crawford Family, Dr. Jerry Turner
Michael L. O’Dell, MD, 2009-2010
John R. Mitchell, MD, 2010-2011 – Dr. Carlos Latorre, Dr. Bruce Longest
William B. Jones, MD, 2011-2012
Susan A. Chiarito, MD, 2012-2013 – Dr. Carlos Latorre, Dr. Katie Patterson
William W. Dowell, MD, 2013-2014 – Dr. Walter Rose
Jennifer D. Gholson, MD, 2014-2015 – Dr. Katie Patterson
Samuel N. Crosby, MD, 2015-2016 – Dr. Carlos Latorre
Sue H. Simmons, MD, 2016-2017 – Dr. Craig Moffett
Katherine Patterson, MD, 2017-18 – Dr. Jennifer Gholson, Dr. Walter Rose
David Wheat, MD, 2018-19 – Dr. Carlos Latorre, Dr. Jeremy Wells, Dr. Walter Rose