Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians


Foundation Fundraisers


TAG! You’re It! —The MAFP Foundation is proud to introduce the “Live Healthy” specialty license tag, and it’s your turn to promote wellness for all Mississippians. For a small fee of $31, with $24 going back to the MAFP Foundation, you can remind your fellow Mississippians to live a healthy lifestyle just by driving your car. To purchase your tag, contact your county tax collector’s office.


Each summer during the MAFP Annual Scientific Assembly, the Foundation holds a $10,000 Draw Down as its main fund raiser of the year. Tickets are available for $100 each or $125 each with insurance. (The first 50 tickets drawn with insurance will be returned to the Draw Down barrel for a second chance.) The fun begins at 6 pm when we begin drawing names during the Silent Auction and President’s Reception. The action moves at 7:30 pm to the Annual Dinner, when the final names are drawn and the winners are announced. All funds raised benefit the Foundation. Draw Down Ticket Order Form

Draw Down Sponsors 2017
MEA Medical Clinics
North Sunflower Medical Center

St. Dominic Family Medicine
Eric Wegener, MD

MEA Medical Clinics, PA
Genesis Physical Therapy
Southern Diagnostic Imaging
Sleep Solutions of Mississippi
Central Surgical Assoiates
Camellia Healthcare
John Paul F. Vanderloo, MD

Renasant Bank
Shane M. Sims, MD, PA
Edward C. Gnam III, MD, PA
Pat Scanlon, MD – Lakeland Surgical Clinic
MS Physician Care Network (MPCN)
Mississippi College Physician Assistant Studies
Central Nephrology Clinic
The Surgical Clinic Associates, PA
Vicksburg Moo Sul Kwan


silent.auction.item.march28ANNUAL SILENT AUCTION

Each summer during the MAFP Annual Scientific Assembly, the Foundation holds a Silent  Auction fund raiser in connection with the Draw Down. Members donate and solicit items for the auction and then have fun bidding against one another to benefit the Foundation. Silent Auction Donor Form