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Mississippi’s Coronavirus Hotline is open 7 am to 11 pm daily: 1-877-978-6453.

August 24 – Message For Family Docs From MS State Department of Health

August 19 – COVID Vaccine Toolkit from National Rural Health Association

August 19, 2021 – COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation Guide for Physicians

August 12, 2021 COVID Update to Members


PPE and Testing Reimbursement Program Set to Accept Applications – Aug. 18

Guideline and Checklist for SBA Paycheck Protection Loan Program  – April 9

AAFP Financial Relief Page

Cares Act Provider Relief Fund Application Guide

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Payment Portal

Find Eligible Lenders by Zip Code

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance

SBA Small Business Guide and Checklist #smallbiz

HHS Relief Funding for Healthcare Providers

Aledade Medicare Accelerated Payment: Standard Operating Procedure

SBA COVID-19 Small Business and Guidance Loan Resources

Business Continuity Webinar by Texas Academy of Family Physicians

CMS Expands Accelerated and Advance Payment Program – March 28

CMS Fact Sheet on Accelerated and Advance Payment Program – March 30


PPE and Testing Reimbursement Program Set to Accept Applications – Aug. 18

Source for Masks – Litefighter – April 30

Source for Masks – DeltaMed – April 30

Source for Masks – Blue Delta – April 30

Long Sleeve Lab Coats Recommendation

Face Shield Strategy – Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention

Video on Face Shield Usage

Mississippi Polymers Protective Gowns Information – Mississippi Polymers can be reached at 662-287-1401 x 212

List of MEMA’s County EMA Agents

FDA Emergency Use Authorizations

FDA Equipment Shortage Hotline is 1-800-INFO-FDA, choose option *


Winston County Medical Centers Return to Work Policy

Winston Medical Clinics Guidelines for Long Term Care

North Sunflower Medical Center Care Policies

Business Continuity Step by Step Guide

Dr. Wayne Weart Recommendations for Chloroquine & Hydroxychloroquine

University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine COVID-19 Guidelines for Outpatient Management

Center to Advance Palliative Care Tools for Physicians – April 7

Center to Advance Palliative Care COVID Symptom Management Protocols – April 7

COVID-19 Hattiesburg Clinic Protocol Memorandum – March 5

COVID-19 Immediate Care Protocol – March 6

Essential Employee Letter


Telehealth New Video CMS – May 8

HHS Policy Changes During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

AAFP’s Telehealth Reference Page

Blue Cross Blue Shield Revised Telemedicine Policy – April 27

CMS Telehealth Toolkit April 27

Division of Medicaid Emergency Telehealth FAQs – updated April 15

MS Division of Medicaid Emergency Telehealth Policy – updated April 10

A Checklist for Starting Virtual Visits Programs in Your Practice

DOXY.ME – “Doc See Me” Quick Start Kit

AAFP Private Payer Telehealth Policies

MSBML Revised Proclamation on Telemedicine

MSBML Supplemental Proclamation on Telemedicine and Out of State Physicians

Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi Risk Management Practices in Telemedicine

Health & Human Services Notification of Enforcement Discretion for Telehealth – March 17

Mississippi Insurance Department Bulletin on Insurance Coverage – March 16

AAFP Letter to CMS on Telephone-Only Visits – March 26

President Trump Expands Telehealth Benefits – March 17

Telemedicine Fact Sheet – March 17

Medicare Telehealth FAQs – March 17

Guidance on Medicaid Telehealth – March 17


Telehealth Eligible Codes from CMS

Provider Pause from Dr. Nick Ulmer May 7

Free Coding Webinars from Dr. Nick Ulmer April 27

Coding Advice Scenarios from CDC

Coronavirus Coding from FPM

MS Division of Medicaid 1135 Waiver Request – March 19

MS Division of Medicaid Codes for Treatment

MS Division of Medicaid Guidance on Diagnostic Test Coding – March 16

Mississippi Insurance Department Bulletin on Insurance Coverage – March 16


Physician Support Line 1-888-409-0141

Mississippi State Department of Health

Mississippi State Department of Health Coronavirus Page

Alert to Physicians and Hospitals Regarding Elective Procedures – June 19

Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome – May 14

Discontinuation of Isolation Policy for Healthcare Workers – May 7

Outpatient Medical Services and Elective Surgery by MSDH – April 24

Self-Isolation Advice to Give to Tested Individuals

April 4 Recommendation for Health Care Workers to Wear Masks

March 26 Alert: Postponement of Elective Procedures, Clinical Judgement of Physicians

March 23 Alert: Priority Patients, Guidance for Testing Sites, and More

March 20 Alert: Health Care Worker Exposure to Virus, Alternative Transport Media

March 19 Alert: Postpone Elective Medical Procedures

March 17 Alert: Testing Priorities & Submission of Samples

February 29 Alert: Updated Guidance

State of Mississippi

Mississippi’s Coronavirus Page

Division of Medicaid Telehealth Extension

Division of Medicaid Guidance on Testing Billing

Division of Medicaid Waiver Updates – May 13

List of MEMA’s County EMA Agents

Build Your Supply Kit for COVID-19

Governor Reeves’ Executive Orders

MAFP Summary of Gov. Reeves’ Executive Orders

Blue Cross Blue Shield Expands Telemedicine Coverage – revised March 20

Mississippi Insurance Department Bulletin on Insurance Coverage – March 16

MS Emergency Management Association – Small Business Impact Report

MS Department of Education Guidelines

CMS Resources

Medicare Advantage Final Rule

Medicare Advantage Fact Sheet

Guidance for Reopening Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Reopening FAQs

Medicare Administrative Contractor Test Pricing

Medicare Beneficiary Enrollment Issues for COVID-19 Q&A

Special Enrollment Period for Advantage Orgs, Part D Sponsors, and Medicare-Medicaid – May 5

Medicare FAQs on Fee-for-Service Medicare

Transcripts and Audio of All CMS Stakeholder Calls

CME Announces Coverage of Telephone/Audio Visits – April 30

CMS Interim Final Rule April 30

CMS Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers April 30

CMS Long-Term Care Facilities Transfer Scenarios

CMS Reevaluates Accelerated, Suspends Advance Payment Program April 26

CMS Requests Clinical Trial Data Through Quality Payment Program April 20

CMS Waivers Slide Deck – April 8

CMS Video on Medicare Telehealth Services Benefit

CMS Links to Audio and Transcripts of Past Webinars/Calls

CMS Clinician Letter – April 7

CMS Non Emergent, Elective Medical Services Info – April 7

CMS Announces ‘Unprecedented Temporary Relaxation in Regulation’ – March 31

CMS Announces Blanket Waivers – March 31

CMS Summary of Recent Orders and Links to FAQs – March 26

CMS Announces Mississippi and Other States Approved for Section 1135 Waivers – March 24

CMS Announces Relief for Clinicians Re Quality Reporting Programs – March 22

CMS Frequently-Asked Questions on Medicare Provider Enrollment Relief

CDC Resources

CDC’s Coronavirus Update Page

Discontinuation of Isolation – May 3

CDC Conference Calls Available on COCA Facebook Page

American Academy of Family Physicians

AAFP’s Coronavirus Update Page

AAFP’s Telehealth Reference Page

AAFP Private Payer FAQs

AAFP Private Payer Telehealth Policies

AAFP Financial Relief Page

AAFP Continuing Medical Education (CME) Offerings Related to COVID-19

AAFP Letter to CMS on Telephone-Only Visits – March 26

AAFP Letter to HHS and CMS About Advanced Payments for Services – March 27

ABFM Statement on Certification March 20

AAFP COVID-19 Rapid Response Member Exchange

ABFM Information on Certification

AAFP COVID-19 Talking Points March 6, 2020

MAFP’s COVID-19 Communications

PPE and Testing Reimbursement Program Set to Accept Applications – Aug. 18

Medicaid Extends Telehealth Coverage and More – May 22

Letter to Governor Reeves and More – May 13

Letter to Governor Reeves – May 13

Discontinuing Isolation and More – May 7

Reopening Your Practice and More – April 30

Public Service Announcement Video April 30 – As Mississippi’s communities restart, your family physician is prepared to see you. We were trained for this. We have made our clinics safe. Your family doctor is ready to see you.

Clinical Guidelines and More – April 27

Letter from MAFP and Other Groups to Reeves, Snyder – April 27

PSA Video and More – April 20

Public Service Announcement Video – April 17 – Mississippi family physicians are particularly concerned about their African American patients and their exposure to the coronavirus. Narrated by MAFP President Elect Dr. James Griffin of Hattiesburg.

Link to the MAFP Members-Only Facebook Group

Hattiesburg Cough & Fever Clinic and More – April 16

HHS Relief and More – April 15

Letter to Mississippi Congressional Delegation About Telephone Visits – April 7

Academy Asks Congressional Delegation for Phone Visit Reimbursement – April 7

SBA Disaster Assistance, PPE – April 2

MAFP Sends Letter to Governor – April 1

CMS Sweeping Changes, SBA Info and More – March 31

CMS Advance Payments, SBA Loan Forgiveness – March 30

Small Business Disaster Assistance, Executive Orders – March 27

Statement from MACM and More – March 26

New Info from MSDH, State Board of Medical and More – March 24

Revised BCBS, Testing Sites, CMS and More – March 23

Latest From MSDH, Coding Cheat Sheets – March 20

Blue Cross Blue Shield Expands Telehealth – March 20

Blue Cross Blue Shield Telehealth Policy – March 19

Medicaid Emergency Telehealth Policies – March 19

Mississippi Medicaid Announces Temporary Changes – March 19

Telemedicine and HHS Authorizing FaceTime and Other Apps – March 18

MAFP Newsletter – Telemedicine Not Only Allowed, But Encouraged – March 17

MAFP & MSMA Joint Statement – March 17

Additional News, Information and Resources

Coronavirus Safety Piece – To Share With Patients

Society of Critical Care Medicine Online Training – Critical Care for Non-ICU Physicians

The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America: 30 Days to Slow the Spread

COVID-19 Hattiesburg Clinic Protocol Memorandum – March 5

COVID-19 Immediate Care Protocol – March 6

Joy Among Chaos


Johns Hopkins CSSE COVID-19 Dashboard

Science Compilation on Covid-19 – Peer Reviewed & Updated Daily

Nextstrain.org – real-time pathogen tracking



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