Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians



One of MAFP’s goals is expanding the family physician workforce to meet patient and community needs. We are pleased to report that on Match Day 2017, 38 Mississippi medical students at Mississippi’s two medical schools chose family medicine. Of those, 14 will stay in Mississippi to train, and we hope the other 24 will return to Mississippi after their training. Additionally, 13 students from other medical schools will be joining Mississippi family medicine residency programs, and we would love to make our state their home after training, to keep our workforce numbers on the rise.

Nationally in 2017, 3,237 medical students and graduates matched to family medicine residency programs, the most in family medicine’s history as a specialty, and the 8th year in a row that number has increased.

MAFP Welcomes New Residents 2017! MAFP welcomes the new residents to Mississippi’s four residency programs in family medicine. Membership packets – including detailed information about MAFP – were sent out following Match Day to welcome Mississippi’s new family medicine residents.



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