Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians


Family Physician of the Year Award Recipients

Known as the John B. Howell Memorial Award, this award is presented annually to a physician contributing the most to the development of Family Medicine in Mississippi. It was established in memory of Dr. Howell, a pioneer in the practice of Family Medicine and long-time delegate to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

* James Otis Stephens, MD, 1977
* Charles R. Jenkins, MD, 1978
* William H. Parker, MD, 1979
Joseph E. Johnston, MD, 1980
* Hardy B. Woodbridge, MD, 1981
* Addison T. Tatum, MD, 1982
Ralph L. Brock, MD, 1983
* William B. Hunt, MD, 1984
* Charles D. Taylor, MD, 1985
* Max L. Pharr, MD, 1986
* James C. Waites, MD, 1987
Tom H. Mitchell, MD, 1988
Eugene G. Wood, Jr., MD, 1989
J. Edward Hill, MD, 1990
Walter H. Rose, MD, 1991
John M. Patterson, MD, 1992
* Eugene F. Webb, MD, 1993
Dewitt G. Crawford, MD, 1994
*Walter D. Gunn, MD, 1995
Frank W. Bowen, MD, 1996
J. Gilbert Alexander, MD, 1997
D. Stanley Hartness, Jr., MD, 1998
Dayton E. Whites, MD, 1999
* Austin P. Boggan, MD, 2000
David L. Clippinger, MD, 2001
Kelly S. Segars, Sr., MD, 2002
Dwalia South-Bitter, MD, 2003
*Leonard H. Brandon, MD, 2004
Harry C. Frye, MD, 2005
William A. Middleton, MD, 2006
Howard D. Clark, MD, 2007
George R. Bush, MD, 2008
Albert L. Gore, MD, 2009
Louis A. Rubenstein, MD, 2010
*Ben J. Kitchings, MD, 2011
*Gary D. Holdiness, MD, 2012
Lucius M. Lampton, MD, 2013
*James Calloway, MD, 2014
Word M. Johnston, 2015
John F. Hassell, MD, 2016
Isaac Aultman, MD, 2017
Timothy Alford, MD, 2018
Bill Jackson, MD, 2019

* Deceased