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The MAFP Foundation highlights the importance of Family Medicine in the state of Mississippi by promoting a better understanding of what Family Medicine is and what it does.  In addition, the Foundation utilizes its’ resources to cultivate current and future physician leaders in our state by providing financial support and scholarship opportunities to high school students, college students, medical students and residents.

W-9 form for MAFP Foundation, 2022

Our vision of a healthy Mississippi would not be possible without the generous support of our donors.  Your donation to the MAFP Foundation allows us to support the following programs:

– Tar Wars
– AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Students and Residents
– David G. Hall, MD Memorial Scholarships for High School Students
– AAFP Family Medicine Student Externship Program
– MS Rural Physicians Scholarship Program
– UMMC Family Medicine Interest Group
– WCUCOM Family Medicine Interest Group
– Spring Fling Conference for Students and Residents

For more information, contact kristen@msafp.org.


The MAFP Foundation has available memorial cards appropriate for remembering patients and colleagues who are deceased. A package of ten handsomely-inscribed memorial cards is available with a Foundation contribution of $100. Purchase a pack today.

“For years, Beth and I have sent these memorial cards,” said Stanley Hartness, MD, of Jackson, “and patients’ families are uniformly grateful their loved  ones were remembered with a gift that supports our specialty which touches lives in such a tangible way.”

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