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Opioid Prescribing Information


CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids

AAFP is Part of the Opioid Response Network
Opioid Response Network Brochure
Opioid Response Network General Information

CDC Info About Assessing & Addressing Opioid Use Disorder

CMS Prescriber’s Guide to the New Medicare Part D Opioid Over-Utilization Policies 2019

CMS Roadmap to Address the Opioid Epidemic

From Medicare: Safer Use of Opioid Pain Medication

CMS Medicare Advantage Capitation Rates

County-by-County Breakdown of Opioid Prescriptions

Opioid Prescribing: Where You Live Makes a Difference

AAFP Statement on Opioid Public Health Emergency 10/26/17

AAFP Pain Management & Opioid Abuse Resources

PMP InterConnect – Multi-State Prescription Monitoring Program

Miss. State Department of Health Opioid and Heroin Data Collaborative Report

What is the Patient Counseling DocumentThe Patient Counseling Document (PCD) on Extended-Release/Long Acting (ER/LA) Opioid Analgesics is a tool unique to this REMS designed to facilitate important discussions with your patients for whom you select an ER/LA opioid analgesic. The PCD should be provided to and reviewed with the patient and/or their caregiver at the time of prescribing. It contains important safety information about the drug products subject to this REMS and includes space for you to write additional information to help your patients use their ER/LA opioid analgesic safely.


Proposed Opioid Prescribing Changes from Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure:
– MSBML’s Administrative Procedures Filing with Secretary of State (Dec. 29, 2017)
Explanation of the Occupational Licensing Review Commission

June 2018
Assessing and Addressing Opioid Use Disorder – training from CDC

March 2018
How Does Mississippi’s Response to Excessive Opioid Prescribing Compare to Other States?

February 2018
Mississippi Opioid and Heroin Data Collaborative Report
Opioid Regulations Filed by MSBML 2/14/18.  Proof of Filing

January 2018
MAFP Letter to MS State Board of Medical Licensure (January 22, 2018)
Opioid Regulations Refiled (Alert to Members January 18, 2018)
Summary of Proposed Opioid Prescribing Changes

December 2017
– MSBML Issues Guidelines – Here’s What’s Next (December 23, 2017 Newsletter)

November 2017
– MSBML Public Hearing on Nov. 15 (Nov. 6, 2017 Newsletter)

October 2017
MAFP’s Notification to Members about MSBML Proposed Changes (October 5, 2017)
– AAFP’s  Letter to  MSBML (Oct. 11, 2017)
– MAFP’s Letter to MSBML (Oct. 17, 2017)
– MAFP Responds to MSBML Proposed Opioid Regulations (Oct. 21, 2017 Newsletter)

August 2017
Mississippi Governor’s Task Force on Opioids Report – August 7, 2017





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